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July 7, 2021



High Quality Refurbished Laptop Supplier in Turkey

Looking for top used laptop suppliers, that too in the heart of Istanbul Turkey? If yes, then you have hit the bullseye. MAZI D T T Limited is among the leading names that deal in refurbished laptops. We have various laptop brands on the back of satisfied clients.

Unlike other Refurbished laptop distributors, we offer our buyers the best buying experience. We never deceive our customers and tell them the exact condition of the item. We are a thorough professional of used laptops while honesty is our hallmark.

Why Choose Us

These are a few standout points that compel clients to choose MAZI as their refurbished laptop supplier:

  • We are operating in the used laptop industry for more than 10 years.
  • We have sold more than hundreds of refurbished laptops with unmatched success.
  • We provide sales and repair services after we sell the units to our buyers.
  • We are reliable, responsive, fast, and offer consistent support; unlike many other used laptop suppliers.
  • We ship across Turkey and Germany.
  • We partner with quality and large-scale buyers of refurbished laptops.
  • We offer in-store and onsite repair along with remote support, where applicable.
  • We truly care about our clients and our rapport in the community.

What Sets us Apart As Used Laptop Suppliers

The scale of a Business Doesn’t Matter

We believe every customer, whether operating at a small or large scale, should have the technology and tools they need to thrive.

Whether your requirements are for a start-up, school, hospital, or large business, we can help you in selecting a quality refurbished laptop or sports bike. We don’t wish you to be left behind and as among other used PC suppliers in Turkey, we don’t offer expensive pricing.

Logistics is Seamless

We deliver the required orders on time. We fulfill what we agree. Our seamless and on-time logistical support sets us apart from the rest of the used laptop suppliers operating in Turkey.