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High Quality Jet Ski Suppliers in Turkey

MAZI D . T . T Limited is a leading name among jet ski suppliers in Turkey. If you are to offer a quality jet ski experience to your customers, then you have to look no further. We have the quality, color, and structure that will leave your clients in awe.

Why Choose Our Jet Ski

Never Lose Your Boat:

When there is low power for the pool boat, the red light will flash to aware of the danger. When it is power is extremely low, the jet ski will stop and will work again after a few seconds for you to return the used boat.

Easy and Safety for Beginner:

We are among those jet ski suppliers that put safety first; especially for beginners. This makes our clients relax. Durable and Waterproof:

Our jet ski boats are equipped with a waterproof cover for anti-water design. You can use our jet boats in clean water like ponds, pools, lakes, and rivers. These boats are not recommended for saltwater use.

What Sets Us Apart

Passion to Move Customers Forward

Our passion is to offer the coolest jet ski boats, to push the boundaries, and take nothing for granted. We build one of the best logic into the gear, explore material science and allow the users to explore the limits.


What also sets us apart is that we listen to the buyers on how to make it better. Before finalizing the order process, we note each and every aspect our clients want from us.

Our Staff Our Assets

Our staff is a group of talented individuals. They are qualified experienced and share a common vision to grow together to achieve maximum potential.
So, if you have to pick one among several Turkish jet ski suppliers, then we are the safest bet for you.


Engine type : Water-cooled, 4-stroke In-Line Four

Compression ratio : 8.2:1

Valve system : DOHC, 16 valves

Bore x stroke : 83 mm x 69.2 mm

Displacement : 1,498 cm³

Induction System : Supercharger and intercooler

Cooling System : Inducted Water

Fuel system : Fuel Injection: 60 mm x 1

Ignition System : Digital

Starting System : Electric

Propulsion System : Axial flow, single stage

Thrust : 8,407 N {857.3 kgf}

Seating Capacity : 3-person

Length : 3,370 mm

Width : 1,195 mm

Height : 1,255 mm

Fuel capacity : 78 litres

Storage Capacity : 212 litres

Dry Weight : 487 kg Curb Mass

Maximum torque NM : 277 N•m

Maximum power : 221 kW {300 PS} / 8,000 rpm